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Overview - The Down and Dirty

Smart-Home systems are becoming more helpful and more affordable every day. A smart-home system can help you save money by conserving energy, it can make life easier by consolidating your home technologies and automatically performing normal household routines, and it can allow you to keep your loved ones and belongings safe by keeping you informed and connected to your home wherever you may be. The possibilities with a smart-home system are endless, but it takes careful planning and intuitive programming to make it all come together well. That's where Positive Home Entertainment can help. We will work closely with you to ensure that your system exceeds your expectations at a price that won't break your budget. Click Here for More Info.

What We Do

Positive Home Entertainment utilizes the latest technology and integration system design techniques to provide our clients with an easy-to-use system that will last for many years. Our expert design and installation staff will work with you at every step of the process to ensure you are provided a system that exceeds your expectations and doesn't break the bank. Once the project is complete, our friendly service staff will be there to ensure your system works well for years to come. Please check out our project picture gallery to see some of our latest projects.

Loft Theater

The Covenant Paradise Valley

Custom Truck Accessories

Custom Home Theater

Some companies just install stuff. We create! Here's a perfect example of how we can take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary.+ Read More
This is a cool Bar/Restaurant in Paradise Valley that features a Control4 Automation System that controls the Audio, Video, Lighting, Temperature, and Security.+ Read More
This was a cool and fun project. Located in Reno NV. We have a HDMI Distribution System that feeds 2 Cable boxes and 3 DVD Players to 8 TVs through out the shop. There are Custom Buttons placed under each desk that allows the sales associate to change the input on the TV to the screen of their computer and then back to TV. This is all accomplished with a Control4 Control System.+ Read More
We updated this Theater with a New Control4 Control System, Lighting, Projector, and Preamp. Went from 1999 to 2017.+ Read More

How We Do It

Careful planning and execution of each project is critical to providing a client with an easy-to-use, reliable smart-home or audio/video system. Our design and installation staff is fully trained and certified, providing us with the technical experience and knowledge necessary to deliver a quality system that you will be happy with. Our expert sales staff is trained in the technical and construction aspects of the industry, and can provide you with the information necessary to accurately set your expectations of the project. Please check out our latest videos to see more of what we do and how we do it.

LTS Surveillance System Carson City Nevada

Custom Truck Accessories in Carson City Nevada also got an upgraded Security System. We installed 8 4MP Cameras through the property. This place is also super cool. Check out the Reno location as well.

LTS Surveillance System Reno Nv

Custom Truck Accessories in Reno Nevada got a serious upgrade to their security system. We installed 16 4MP cameras, along with 2 PTZ Cameras, to cover the entire property and all the sales and installation areas. This place is pretty darn cool!

Niles Landscape Audio System

We installed 4 of the 4" landscape speakers and 1 10" in ground subwoofer around this pool in this awesome backyard. It's all controlled by a Control4 Automation System. The view here is incredible, even with smog!

Custom Shade Control with Control4

We automated all of the shades in this home. Here is a view of how they work with the control4 custom buttons accessed by the SR260 remote.
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